420 Recap

The Things We Hoped You Did On 420


To all the real soldiers out there you know what 420 is all about. If you haven’t missed a 420 since you have started you are a knight at the round table, cheers to you my friend. Yesterday was all about the munchies, positive vibes, and chiefing dank herb. Tell us how your 420 went down? We want to hear all about it, hopefully your activities you engaged in looked a little like this.

Circle Session with Your Best Buds: Seriously, the herb brings people together. There is a good chance that all your best mates came together this way. Never take your circle for granted these people are friends for life.


Munchies Mission: We hope you took a spin to your nearest dank fast food spot. You better have munched down on chicken and waffles. Or if you were able to cookout with your squad members that is always a good way to celebrate too.

If you decided that pizza was the best route for the tribe, then we hope you made it a gourmet one paired with some IPAs.


Epic Chill Spots: We hoped you made the trek down to your secret natural getaway spot and brought some treats and roll-ups to gaze for miles and miles.

The Dunes: OBX, NC


The Blue Ridge Mountains, VA 


Movie/TV Trilogy Day: If you are a low-key type of toker we hoped you got to enjoy watching cinema yesterday. 420 is the perfect day to watch your favorite series, hopefully it is Lord of The Rings. The Shire life is where it’s at.


If you couldn’t find anything to do then, we hoped you just Blazed All Day Like Wiz Khalifa.




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