Nigel Sylvester Rips Through LA

Nigel Sylvester’s entrance and the beginning of this Go Pro edit is frickin mental. Please tell me to go shoot a video and also have me dropped off by a helicopter on my downtown LA landing pad. Well, this video is certainly one to be saved in the day dreaming department sector of your mind. This BMX freeride session by Nigel Sylvester is pretty tight. During his ride he meets up with Swaggy P and tosses him an Alley-Oop off of his BMX, drops in at the Fantasy Factory and dabs up Dyrdek, and then joins P. Rod for a skate park sesh. This edit definitely meets the “Sweet Life” criteria, and we want to pass this along to you for inspiration. Stay Searching and Continue to Chase after Your Dreams, never lose touch with your inner-soul.

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