Three Music Albums You Should Be Bumpin To Right Now

  1. Kanye West- “Life of Pablo”

This album is truly a work of art. It takes you through a chronological timeline of Kanye’s life, and reflects on his rise to fame and unfortunate downfall that is comparable to the legend, Pablo Escobar. This album is relatable to anyone’s life. We are constantly on a roller coaster and live through high points of happiness and low points of sadness. Based on the sound, it seems as if Yeezy is still searching for a greater life despite his situation. Talking about trying to stay on the Come Up. Yeezy keeps it real with the lyrics in “Life of Pablo”. I hope this album speaks to you and that you never stop searching for the “Sweet Life”. Even though you hit rock bottom there is always an opportunity to rise and get back on your Grind.

  1. SWMR’s- Drive North

SWMR’s hail from the rad lands of Oakland, California. I literally just saw these bros at a show in San Francisco and they were frickin legit. If you are ready to jump up and down and head bob, this is an album worth listening to. The album also presents an opportunity  to re-connect with the punk rock self you might of left behind because the scene went South. However, SWMR’s is keeping the scene alive with preserving the old roots. Hope you dig it.

  1. Magic City Hippies- Hippie Castle EP

Gosh, these bros are too chill. This short 6 track EP is a Sunday banger forsure. Whether you are chillin in the hammock or are hosting a backyard grill session, Magic City Hippies is what you want to have on. From funk to soul, to hip-hop they have a solid combination of chill sounds. They are too exclusive, and should just remain low-key. Why am I even blowing up their spot and telling you about them? Just kiddin sharing is caring, ENJOY!

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