Grow Room Glasses: Perfect Vision Indoors and Out

To millions of growers across the country and the fans of the products they grow, HPS lights are an absolute lifesaver. By keeping sodium at a high pressure state, HPS lights solve the age old human dilemma of how to grow crops in a safe, indoor environment. The method is effective, but not perfect, as exposure to such bright lights can actually cause damage to our eyes over time. The innovators at Nectar have designed a solution to this, a pair of shades that blocks the intense HPS lights, and is equally effective outdoors. Grow Room Glasses will be a godsend to actual growers, but are otherwise a highly-versatile pair of shades that will benefit anyone who spends their time alternating between indoors and out.  

Inspired by Growers; Useful for Anyone in Bright Lights

To whatever degree, all of us live our lives in a combination of indoor and outdoor settings. Whether your split is 20% of time in your office and 80% in the field, or nearly all of your time spent handling business indoors, the ability to not have to remove your shades is a valuable one. Thanks to Nectar’s Grow Room Glasses, you can drastically cut your glasses-related distractions by not having to remove them as you change environments. While ideal for those who frequently work with ultra-bright HPV lights like crop tenders and growers, the adaptable nature of these shades makes them a solid pick for anyone who has things to accomplish.   

Three Main Advantages of Grow Room Shades

Obviously, it’s the indoor growers who are regularly exposed to intense lights that will see the most benefit from Nectar’s grower shades. That said, there are enough advantages to grower shades for a wide array of active people to find them useful. Here’s a few of the key points that set grower shades apart from the rest.

High Spectrum Protection:  High spectrum LED lights, especially like the ones used in the indoor farming industry, emit such high-intensity light that it can harm the naked eye. Basic sunglasses offer no protection from this type of light, and most do not allow good visibility indoors anyway, which is also an issue. With grower shades, both of those problems are solved, as they offer protection from high spectrum LED lights without hindering indoor visibility.

Wear them In & Out:  Wearing most shades indoors would lead to eye strain and knocking things over due to poor indoor visibility. That’s not the case with grower shades. Designed for indoor use against lights that are even more intense than the UV rays found outside, grower sunglasses can be worn with equal effectiveness in and outdoors. For those who frequently switch environments in their job or daily lives, this amounts to significantly less distraction, and therefore, more efficiency.

Four Fashionable Styles:  One may think that this level of protection and versatility would have the design limited to strait up nerd glasses, or some sort of head contraption. Luckily, that’s not the case, as Nectar’s grower glasses are available in four stylish designs. These are each modeled after a major sunglass type, so anyone who wants grower shades can rest assured that there are some that are perfect for your facial structure. For example, those with heart-shaped faces mix well with round and wayfarer shades, but should avoid large or angled designs. Check out Nectar’s face shape guide for a reminder of which grower shades will offer the most style and protection for you.


Are Grow Room Glasses Right for you?

With a high-quality design and 100% satisfaction guarantee, trying a pair of Grow Room Glasses couldn’t be easier. If you find yourself in bright, high-spectrum lights, and would appreciate the ability to wear your glasses in and outdoors without degrading your vision, then Grow Room Glasses may be the optimal shades for helping you accomplish your goals quicker and with less distraction than ever.

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