Computer Glasses: Exploring Our New Strain Cutters

Whatever form of technology you use to work, play, and communicate, odds are that it involves a screen that you gaze at for hours at a time. Anyone who’s done this knows the annoying eye strain that comes from a consistent session of staring at a tablet, smart phone, or computer screen. Luckily, Nectar has now designed dope Strain Cutting Eyewear. These computer glasses provide relief from not only the harsh rays of the sun, but also to filter the lights that come from digital screens, Nectar’s Strain Cutters are arguably the most versatile shades on the market. As you explore the four kinds of Strain Cutters designed by Nectar, perhaps you’ll find a design that is perfect for your face shape and style.

Hibro Strain Cutters

The most square of the four selections, Hibro Strain Cutters offer indoor and outdoor protection against eye strain in one of the most popular styles of sunglasses. Known to add structure to soft, curvy face shapes, those with oval or round faces benefit most from rectangular shades. For those who spend time in cafes working on their laptops or tablets, Hibro Strain Cutters will keep your eyes cool, and your onlookers curious.

Round Strain Cutters

Easily the quirkiest style of glasses one can buy, round shades make a statement wherever you go. From Howard Stern to John Lennon, small round shades have been a favorite of eclectic trailblazers for decades. Ideally, those with heart-shaped, oval, or square face shapes will look the best in Round Sunglasses, and with Nectar’s new Round Strain Cutters, your eyes can be protected from hours in the sun as well as hours in front of many digital screens in your life.

Vegas Strain Cutters

Vegas Strain Cutters are Nectar’s version of large oval shades with the added benefit of protection against eye strain from tablets and other screens. People who have square shaped faces benefit most from Vegas Strain Cutters, mainly because the oval shape of the shades softens up the sharp contours of the face. Additionally, other oval faces are compatible with large oval sunglasses, as it can make their face appear smaller. You never know where your next adventure will take you, so be ready for indoor and outdoor protection with a pair of Vegas Strain Cutters.  

Wayfarer Strain Cutters

For a style as versatile as the strain cutters themselves, wayfarers are the quintessential design of sunglasses. From Top Gun to The Matrix, wayfarers are the style of stars and renegades, and since the 1950’s, most people think of wayfarers when they hear someone mention sunglasses. Now this classic style of shades is available with the added benefit of digital light protection. When you’re ready to retreat indoors for some work or play on the laptop or phone, you can leave your Wayfarer Strain Cutters on, and your eyes will feel as good as you look.

Which Strain Cutters Fit Your Personality?

Whether you prioritize face shape or personal style, Nectar has a pair of Strain Cutters that is ideal for you. Never again do your eyes have to burn after completing that 8-page Poly Sci essay on your laptop, or after a Netflix and chill session with that special someone. If you use electronics for business or pleasure, Nectar’s Strain Cutters are a major treat for your eyes, regardless of which style you go with. .

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