Grow Room Shades: 6 Industries Who Can Benefit

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Grow lights such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights provide a major advantage to humanity, and everyone from local growers to NASA use them to grow crops in an indoor environment. These lights are powerful enough to grow plants, but they also cause uncomfortable eye strain, and can damage the human eye after prolonged exposure. Grow room glasses are the solution, and Nectar offers them in four popular styles. With grow room glasses, you can protect your eyes from intense lights indoors, and can leave them on as you transition to an outdoor environment. While anyone can experience the versatility and innovation inherent in Nectar’s Grow Room Glasses, these are six types of people who will see unparalleled benefits from grow room shades.  

Herbal Growers 

With Washington, California, Colorado, and other states legalizing marijuana in recent years, indoor growing has become a massive industry. Considering sales in the first month in Colorado amounted to $14 million, it’s not likely the demand will go away anytime soon. In fact, more states are joining them each year, which means grow room lights are going to be more popular than ever. As more people are exposed to grow room lights to cultivate America’s most popular new cash crop, Nectar’s grow room glasses will be there to protect their eyes and keep everyone looking stylish, indoors and out. 


Although one herb currently gets the most publicity due to its controversy and legal status, hundreds of other herbs are grown for sale on a regular basis. Retailers ranging from hardware stores to farmers markets sell dozens of herb varieties which are used for cooking and other functions. These include everything from basil to sage, and in environments where the outdoor climate isn’t ideal, grow lights can be used to produce herbs and crops indoors. Grow room glasses can be a godsend for gardeners who spend a lot of time in a grow room under intense lights as they tend to herbs and crops.  

Security Guards and Cops

One trait of grow rooms and dispensaries is that they often house thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, and as such, typically require security. Security guards and cops often wear shades to protect their eyes during long hours on duty. The versatility of grow room shades works well for the varied environments of policemen, who may find themselves in and out of a wide variety of venues on a daily basis. Not having to remove their shades as they transition from inside to out means more vigilance and less distraction. 

Movie Special Effects Staff 

Another major use of HPS lights is on film sets, as hours spent on the set of a movie using high-spectrum lights can lead to eye strain and headaches for everyone in the room. While actors are confined to wearing their costumes on set, dozens of other employees can reap the benefits of grow room glasses. These range from key grips to cameramen, and include anyone who wants optimal visibility in high-spectrum, indoor or outdoor environments.

Delivery Couriers

Employees of Fed-Ex and other courier services often have to enter various buildings and businesses to deliver packages. This transitioning of environments at a fast pace could mean removing and replacing their sunglasses dozens of times throughout a workday. A pair of grow room glasses is an easy solution to this, as they provide excellent visibility while visiting a lot of different addresses at a fast pace.

Entrepreneurs in the Agriculture Industry

Unless established in a brick and mortar location, entrepreneurs are often people on the move, meeting with new connections as they strive to grow their companies. They also know that preparation is key in business, and that a little planning can prevent a lot of pain in the future. For entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry, a smart way to stay prepared to enter and do business in any environment is to keep a pair of Nectar’s Grow Room Glasses on hand. Whether you’re scouting for new clients, hiring growers to introduce to your facility, or learning the ropes on a new project, grow room glasses will maximize your time and visibility while ensuring you look authoritative in all settings.

Which Grow Room Glasses are Ideal for You?

Once you’ve established a need to protect your eyes while exposed to high-intensity lights, the next choice involves picking a style. Nectar designed grow room glasses in four of the most popular styles of sunglasses on the market. These include wayfarers, Vegas style shades, and small round sunglasses, so getting top-quality protection from HPS lights in a design that looks great on you is easier than ever. Whether you spend your days entering and exiting environments of mixed lighting, or in high-spectrum grow rooms supervising the growth of America’s favorite crops, Nectar’s Grow Room Glasses offer you the advantages of undistracted time and solid protection against eye strain.

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