Computer Glasses: Ideal for The Sweet Life of Today

Never before has technology been such an all-consuming part of our lives. The average American has a TV, computer, smart phone, and tablet, and hours of our time are devoted to checking social statuses, emails, texts, and updates from our favorite websites. With these relatively new advancements that have only been influencing humanity for a few decades, comes a new ailment: Digital eye strain. While these flat screens that convey complex messages through text and video changed the way all of humanity communicates, they also wreaked havoc on our eyesight. It turns out, staring at screens makes people forget to blink, and can dry our eyes out and lead to serious strain. Luckily, Nectar has developed four styles of Strain Reducing Computer Glasses that can be worn in your office and out in the sun. After learning of their versatility and unique benefits, it will be clear that these shades were designed to make your complicated life a little easier.

Three Ways to Save with Nectar’s Computer Glasses

Save your Eyes: 
Much like turning donuts repeatedly in your car would gradually wear down its parts, staring for hours at a time at the symbols on a screen will do the same. Each time you walk away from a few hours of computer work or a Netflix binge on your tablet with painful eyes, that’s an issue that can get worse, leading to further eye pains and headaches. Nectar’s Computer Glasses protect from these high-energy visible (HEV) lights and blue lights, thereby sparing you from a lot of pain and headaches.

Save your Time:  Not only do the Strain Cutters and blue light filters protect the wearer’s eyes against digital lights, but the UV filters offer protection from sunlight as well. This means you can go straight from working on digital gadgets in your home office to a run around the neighborhood without switching your shades. Plus, working without the annoyance of painful eye strain will be more productive in the long run.

Save your Health:  Aside from your eyes specifically, there are other key ways that Strain Reducing Computer Glasses can improve your health. The digital devices used daily by 96% of Americans emit HEV’s and blue lights, and one indirect consequence of this is disturbance in sleep cycle. Needless to say, lack of sleep can lead to poor performance and other health conditions, so avoiding sleep issues due to blue light is a must. Computer shades help with this, by eliminating the lion’s share of the strain caused by digitally-sourced lights.

How Do Nectar’s Strain Cutters Work?

By combining all of the necessary filters and putting them into stylish frames, Nectar has successfully created computer glasses that can be worn anywhere. The blue light filters and UV filters protect from digital and solar lights respectively, and the fact that you can get them in four popular styles, including Vegas style and the universally loved wayfarers, means that you don’t have to sacrifice looks while protecting your eyes. Everyone from web designers to college students will benefit from Nectar’s Strain Cutters, as their versatile protection from digital and outdoor sources makes them the perfect accessory for life in 2016.

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