3 Action Sports Worth Getting Into

The cool aspect about action sports is the infinite possibilities and imaginations. Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to branch out and try something new? If you are an athlete or action sports athlete you have probably have had this thought before. So, what attracts us to learning something new and becoming a versatile athlete? We are drawn to other activities because we want to experience different scenarios, how to handle new situations, working with new gear, and most of all wanting to make new connections. You maybe a snowboarder wanting to transition into surfing, a cross-fit nut looking to break into rock climbing because cross-fit wasn't extreme enough for you, or a biker who wants to dirt bike. Whatever the case maybe we all want to have and own a mastery in not just one, but many fields. Here are three action sports that are worth getting into for the rest of 2017 and taking it to the next level in 2018.

1. Rock Climbing:

Stepping up to the plate and getting into rock climbing could be your next athletic move. Rock climbing promotes character building, improves body strength, and certainly makes you goal oriented. Rock climbers become strong individuals and have a great social community that backs up the hype.

2. Dirt Biking:

It's a little expensive and there is certainly a lot of money that needs to be spent on equipment, but the thrill and stimulation might be worth it. We all knew or had a couple of friends growing up that were into dirt biking and wish we could ride. Dirt bikers have to have strong cores and body weight control. Dirt biking teaches you to strategically distribute your body weight and also teaches you to do it on a dime. It's also pretty rad and the idea of going fast has always been catchy. You should give it a shot if you are an action sports enthusiast. 


3. Kite Surfing:

Wind surfing is a great challenge for surfers and wake boarders. Wind surfing is a combination of both with the addition of the kite. Learning to operate and control the kite is the hard part, but once learned can actually be really fun. You can do park, draw your own lines, rip in the ocean, and get hella air. This is the ultimate challenge and everybody should give it a try at some point in their action sport career. 

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