Which sunglass frames will fit my face?

Over time, you may have learned which sunglass frames work for your face. If you have a little head or close-set eyes, you might be avoiding wider-style frames so you don’t look swallowed up.


If you have a big head or high brow you may have more options, but you also need to be careful that you go wide and tall enough to actually give yourself enough periphery coverage.


Then there’s the trend toward oversized lenses in general that throws all those rules out the window! So how do you know what’s going to work for you in today’s modern world of shades?


One place to start is to learn about your head shape. Use a photo app to draw an outline of your face on your phone to identify with one of the four typical shapes: oval, round, heart or square.


Oval: Lucky ducks, you can wear almost any style of sunglasses and still look good. In general, go for frames that are equal to or wider than the broadest part of your face. And make sure shades cover your eyebrows and cheekbones.


Round: Round faces tend to look especially youthful, so balance those soft features with more angular frames. Going smaller and squarer can also make round faces look longer. Or play up the youthful look with some fun and colorful sunnies.


Heart: Think high brows and cheekbones, with a narrow chin. The distinguished heart-shaped face can handle frames that stretch a little wider than the forehead. Bold designs with heavier bottom accents also balance out that angular chin. Love.


Square: Just like that round face, if your head is a square shape, you want to create balance with the opposite—something more oval. You can flaunt round and thin frames; semi-rimless styles that soften your jawline; or a model that goes wider than your cheekbones.


While these are some pointers, with sunglasses you don’t always have to play by the rules. Try variety of styles to see what makes you happy!

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