420 Kit

420 fell on a Friday this year and we hope everyone is able to take part in festivities wherever you might be. What are your plans for 420 ? Before you head out to any social outing on this day be sure to bring your necessities. It's time to start preparing your 420 Kit and getting ready for Ignition !

Tools & Tech Items for Your 420 Kit: 

Get yourself some bling and roll in style with Shine Rolling papers if you are a baller. 


The "Medtainer" is a smell proof container and grinder that is excellent for mobility and travel. It is a functional 2 in 1 tool every blazer must have. The plastic grinder works well and is no different than your standard aluminum or steel one.

Go stealth mode with the iHit and never worry about stashing joints in your socks and or pockets. Sometimes your joints never make it out alive in those areas and get crunched up. Stay organized and low key with the iHit.

Forget your blowtorch and propane and go with the battery-powered portable E-Nails by Cloud Vapes. If you are really about the dab life you have to add this to your arsenal.

Be sure to have your Nectar Sunglasses with you on this day, and spread the word to your friends in the marijuana industry about our sunglasses designed for Growers that are working around harmful LED light rays.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Righteous 420.





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