Brews For the Beach

The coming of a new season means a new lineup of beers on deck. What are you sippin' on when you go to the beach? Hops or Wheat? Light or Heavy? Corona & Limes or mystery box craft beers? 

For the beach the best type of beer to look for is fruity and light without the Bud. Gosh, please change up your basic style it's 2018 and the craft beer industry is revolutionizing the way you drink and enjoy a cold one. 

Let's take a trip into the Beer World and see what it has to offer for the Summer season:

The "Briney Melon" by Anderson Valley is a Gose styled beer. For those of you that do not know much about Gose here is a small introduction. Gose's originated from Germany and are brewed with a combination of malt and wheat. Gose's have a citrus, acidic, mellow tart, taste. Gose's will certainly quench your thirst on a Summer Beach Day. Save Water Drink Beer ! 

 "Firefly Ale" is brewed by the famous Dogfish Head Brewery of the Mid-Atlantic region and is the official beer of Firefly Music Festival. For those of you that are going to Firefly this year I recommend to stop by the Dogfish Ale truck where ever it might be in the festival. Cheers Mate !

It is totally worth it to go to your local indie wine & beer store just to find this particular beer. Bell's Brewery is out of Michigan and they do a fine job with this seasonal release. Get on It ! 


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