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Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from the glaring sun; they have a duty to represent our style and who we are as individuals. Some sunglasses have become so popular and integrated into the world of fashion that they have even been paired to represent different styles and stereotypes, the same way any other part of your outfit does. Meaning, your sunglasses say more about you than you think they do. Think about it. Your sunglasses match your style. Whether you fall into the stereotype of the adventure seeker, the corporate big wig, or the wild college kid, there are sunglasses that fit your mold. Each of the following styles and personality types are perfectly matched with the sunnies to the stereotype. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, there’s a pair of Nectar sunglasses waiting for you.

The Surfer Style

sunglasses for surfersFor surfers, sunnies are a classic part of the wardrobe. When you spend your life under the sun, you’re always rockin’ two stereotypical looks: a pair of polarized sunglasses and some serious beach hair. As active beach people, you need some shades that provide UV ray protection, as well as a cool look. And since surfers really are the coolest cats around, there’s no better pair of sunglasses than the Chucktown's to show off your lifestyle as a shredder of waves. When you’re a surfer you don’t want to shy away from the stereotype, you embrace it. Embrace the sweet life; people want to be you.


click to buy these affordable fashionable sunglasses It’s easy to pick these people out. They’re always the best-dressed people in the room and they pull off the coolest accessories. For these people, sunglasses are a crucial part of the ensemble. The crazy thing about this stereotype is that sunglasses don’t even have to be worn on your face. They could be holding back your hair, tucked into the neck of your shirt, and hanging from a back pocket. Any way you wear it, fashion icon people take risks and set trends with their style, and their sunglasses are no different. If you spot someone rockin’ these sweet Bronson shades, they’re probably about to be the next hottest trend on the market.

Young, Wild, and Free

green wayfarersCollege kids are the poster children for living up the life of being young, wild, and free. How can you tell? Their attire, of course. These kids are geniuses when it comes to finding the coolest styles without breaking the bank. There is no better choice of sunnies for these kids than the affordable and fashionable collection from Nectar Sunglasses. They might be headed to class in a pair of orange crush aviators or hitting up a campus party with these Absinthe wayfarers. Wherever the college kid is going, they’re likely to be seen wearing a wild pair of Nectar shades.

The Suit and Tie Guy

dark aviatorsPerhaps in no other category are sunglasses as much of a status symbol as they are for the suit and tie guy. This isn’t just the average executive. These glasses are attributed to those who have worked long hours climbing the ranks to become a boss. This means that their shades will often be a perfect complement to their suit and tie, and that there’s a good chance that their shades directly reflect their style and authority.

Hard Rock Life

polarized sunglasses

Whether it’s the circular shades made famous by John Lennon, or the dark shades inspired by rock legends like Slash, sunglasses are a defining part of the rock world. These shades are popular among musicians because they like the mystery, the image, and sometimes its just to hide the evidence of another wild night. Either way, shades and sunglasses have become almost as iconic in the world of hard rock as the guitars themselves. Rockstars have been seen wearing them indoors, during shows, and at the Grammys.

No Style Kind of Style 

polarized wayfarersThese people are the anti-fashion people. They couldn’t care less about how they look, but they still manage to look good. This includes the laid back guy who would gladly wear the same pair of jeans he’s had since high school if his wife didn’t buy him new ones, and the type of woman that rejects society’s expectations for her life because they just don’t apply to her. These people wear sunglasses either for pure function, or to support their own unique style, and their style-of-no-style is just as much a part of American culture as any others on the list. These basic and highly functional pair of shades is a perfect example of how even the anti-fashion people still sometimes have a stereotypical kind of style.

Break the Mold, Not the Bank

white polarized wayfarers

From beach bums to CEO’s, the fashion-conscious to the hipsters, sunglasses have become ingrained into all aspects of American culture. Like an adrenaline shot for your wardrobe, this one small, affordable accessory can add more style than all the others combined. No matter what your style is, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of shades from Nectar Sunglasses. So while you’re out there, breaking the mold and living the sweet life, grab your favorite pair of sunnies because who knows where the road will take you.

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