When most people buy a pair of sunglasses, it’s common to consider things like price, style, color, and a general idea of how they fit. What a lot of people don’t realize it is there a science to choosing the best sunglasses to fit your face. You’re going to want to make sure your sunnies look good and feel good, and highlight the best parts of your face.

Oval Faces

aviator sunglassesHighly coveted among the face shapes, the oval-faced among us are known for well-balanced features, often with a petite chin and forehead, but high-cheekbones. Another reason why it’s good to be oval-faced is that almost all shades, from aviators to wayfarers, are optimal for your face. It’s actually easier to name the one non-recommended type of glasses for oval faces: Large, round, oversized lenses. Other than that, those with oval faces can expand their sunglasses collection without a care, because your balanced facial features are perfect for just about every type of shades.

Square Faces

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.33.58 AM With sharp features and linear jawlines, those with square faces are better off with any kind of rounded lenses. The reason is that in the world of beauty, extremes are to be avoided, so strait angles are best tempered with round edges. Luckily, round-lensed glasses include many of the popular styles, including aviators and oversized, so while you’re commanding authority with your strong facial features, feel free to rock a nice variety of rounded shades.

Round Faces

wayfarers by NectarWide cheekbones with a rounded forehead and jawline characterize round faces. The general principle of matching sunglasses to face shapes is that balance and playful contrast are desirable. Therefore, lenses that are wider than your actual face can make your face seem slim in comparison. Another recommendation for those with round faces is to wear square and rectangular glasses, while avoiding circular lenses. The reason for this is that the added contrast of sharp angled lenses will balance out the fullness of a round face, whereas round or overly bright lenses can enhance it, making a round face appear larger.

Heart-shaped Faces

aviator sunglassesIf your high cheekbones are combined with a wide forehead and significantly narrower chin, then you’re the proud owner of a heart-shaped face. Known as the most feminine of the four face shapes, the optimal glasses for heart-shaped faces include large and full styles like aviators. Additionally, sunglasses that are larger at the bottom, like some rimless shades, can add balance to the lower half. The main thing you’ll want to be aware of is not extending the wideness of your forehead, and highlighting the cheekbones instead. This can best be accomplished with shades that have interesting and wide bottoms or aviators.

Size and Shape Doesn’t Matter

hipster sunglasses While this info is general fashion advice, it certainly isn’t the law. If your favorite pair of shades directly conflicts with your face shape but you love them anyway, then feel free to be yourself and rock your own style. But next time you’re shopping for a new set of shades, it’s worth remembering that your sunglasses say something about you, and a pair of sunglasses that perfectly fit your face can make all the difference in the world. Shop all the sunnies from Nectar Sunglasses to find your next perfect pair of shades.

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