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Unless you’re one of those people who wears their sunglasses inside, then there will times you’ll need stash your shades in places other than on your face. When you have a pair of cool Nectar Sunglasses you want to show off your style with creative ways to rock your shades even when you’re not wearing them. This is especially true if they are your favorite pair of sunnies and you don’t want to lose them, or risk messing them up. These are the different and unique ways to wear your shades without technically wearing your shades.

Classic Head Look

Flipping the lenses up to the top of your head is the most simple and common way in the world to rest your shades. This position is phenomenal for convenience, but depending on how tight your sunglasses are, they may or may not stay put. So long as there’s little danger of losing your shades or having them fall off at an embarrassing time, then the top of the head is the quickest and arguably most stylish way to store your shades while indoors. For girls, this also is another way to hold you hair out of your face without messing up your do. Wayfarers are perfect for this because you don’t have to worry about a nosepiece getting stuck in your hair. Flip them on and off as much as you need to without having to untangle them from your hair.

The Hooked Look

cool wayfarers Really you can hook your shades to your hip, pockets, or it works especially well if you’re wearing one of Nectar’s t-shirts or bro tanks. Basically, with your shades hooked to your shirt, you can freely move your head without worrying about your sunglasses flying off. The only downside is that while you’re out living the sweet life, they could very easily slip off and you could lose them without realizing they’re gone. So, it’s important to stay aware so you don’t lose your epic pair of shades while they’re hooked to your outfit.


nectar sunglasses Using a croakie around your neck is one of the most secure ways to store your sunnies, especially while surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, or whatever it is that you do to enjoy life. Croakies provide a little extra protection against losing your sweet shades. You don’t have to worry about your sunglasses getting knocked off your head or slipping off your shirt. Slap a croakie to your shades and you’re good to go.

Guy Fieri Cool Guy Style

nectar sunglasses While the controversial Food Network star didn’t personally set the trend of wearing sunglasses backwards, we can thank him for making a statement with his shades. He’s the only celeb we can think of that wears their shades this way, and if it works for you Guy, then we’re cool with it. If you feel comfortable wearing your shades backwards, then go ahead and do it. Just be you.

Shades, Suits, and Ties

cheap wayfarer sunglasses We’re not always dressed to the nines in a suit and tie, but when we are, there are classy ways to handle our sunglasses. Most dress shirts contain at least one breast pocket, so this is a solid option for storing your shades. For an even more secure option, one of the jacket pockets, preferably an interior one, is the safest option, and is highly recommended if they are didymium or other type of high-end shades. The main thing to be aware of here is that they don’t fall out of your jacket pocket or get stolen if you’re leaving your jacket unattended.

Top Spot for Your Shades

cheap wayfarer sunglasses

Whether you hook your shades to your shirt, or go against the grain and wear them backwards, there’s no wrong way to rock your shades to showcase your style. Whether it’s for convenience, style, or safety, your sunnies say something about you. Show off your style and your awesome personality any which way you want to wear your shades. You’ve got the Nectar stamp of approval as long as you’re out there bringing the good vibes and living the sweet life.

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