The invention of polarized lenses represents a remarkable time in history because that same technology was used in everything from Polaroid cameras to guided weapon capabilities. As we explore notable facts about the polarization of lenses, it becomes clear how Edwin Land’s invention has impacted our history.

The Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of polarized lenses is that they decrease additional glare from outdoor objects, particularly from water. This makes them especially useful for outdoor athletes, boaters, fishermen, and anyone who needs reduced glare from outside surfaces. Also, those with sensitive eyes after a medical procedure may be prescribed polarized lenses for wearing indoors. For those who cannot see well through a darker lens, or those who do not plan to be near especially sunny areas that include water, then non-polarized lenses will be preferable.

The Man to Thank

Born in 1909, Edwin Land used his knowledge of polarization to establish Polaroid, a company that not only dominated the polarization and camera market for decades, but also was crucial in providing equipment that assisted in winning World War II. The primary challenge that Land overcame in making polarized lenses was in making them lightweight and affordable for the masses. In 1948, the first self-developing Land Camera was sold by Polaroid, which made self-developing cameras affordable to the public. The same technology used to reduce glare in sunglasses was used to develop photos, a process that was only recently made obsolete due to digital cameras. Ultimately, Edwin Land paved the way for the polarized sunnies that we have today.

Military Trend Setters

Popularity of aviators was boosted in the 1940’s when one of the most accomplished generals of all time was seen wearing them in nearly every photograph after their invention. Similar to how celebrities of our time can boost the sale of certain products, General MacArthur set the trend for polarized aviators.

Different Levels of Quality

Three different methods currently exist for adding polarization to lenses. The cheapest and easiest of these applies an outer film to the lenses, while the most extensive method actually infuses the materials together for the most perfect visual quality possible. Check out more facts on how it’s done at PRlog.org.

The Best Polarized Sunglasses for You

Whether or not you need normal sunglasses, or those with polarized lenses, will depend on a few factors. You should rock your polarized sunnies on days when it’s especially bright outside, or if your plans involve being on the water. If you plan on walking the streets, then regular shades may be more useful. With so many awesome and affordable sunnies at Nectar Sunglasses, you don’t have to choose, you can have them all.

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