Brad Domke is among the most successful skimboarders in the world and has pushed the boundaries of the sport yet again. On September 3rd, Domke made skimboarding history by riding a massive wave at Teahupoo, a feat that earned him a nomination for Billabong “Ride of the Year” from the World Surf League (WSL). This ride is arguably the most impressive in skimboarding history, especially since it was done on a finless board in the merciless waves of Teahupoo.

The Deadly Waves of Teahupoo

Officially known for producing one of the “Ten Deadliest Waves” in the world, Teahupoo has been a popular spot for hardcore surfers since the 60’s. The most famous moment at Teahupoo, and perhaps all of surfing, took place when surfing legend, Laird Hamilton surfed what is widely considered, the heaviest wave ever ridden. This is why Brad Domke’s accomplishment was so impressive: he conquered a wave that most surfers are afraid of, and he did it with a skimboard, a feat very few people thought was possible.

Brad Domke’s Recent Successes

Since he was a teenager, Brad has used the term “skurfing” to describe his ambitious attempts to surf huge waves on a skimboard. When Brad rode an insane wave last year at Puerto Escondido, it earned worldwide recognition in the surf community, and earned him a sponsorship from Freestyle, a popular watch company. Along with the nomination from his September ride at Teahupoo, Brad has earned the “Ride of the Year” nomination in the big wave category for two years in a row now, an especially notable accomplishment for a skimboarder.

The Sport of Skimboarding

As one of the first pro skimboarders, Brad Domke’s recent accomplishments are likely to have a direct effect on the popularity of the sport. While skimboarding has been happening in Laguna Beach since the 1920’s, it remains a niche sport with no professional leagues. That being said, these highly publicized riders who are doing things that were previously thought impossible can be driving force behind the birth of professional skimboarding. Brad Domke’s bold ride in Tahiti might be the exact thing that skimboarding needs to reach the next level of popularity in the eyes of the critics and public.

Brad Domke Conquers Teahupoo

"It was a mixture of confusion, fun, scary, quick thinking and riding a bull all in one" - Brad Domke

In an area where only the most elite pro surfers dare to ride, Brad Domke has done the impossible. On a skimboard, Domke took on one of the heaviest waves ever caught on camera, and not only survived, but rode the entire thing perfectly. Riding Teahupoo is a major accomplishment for anyone, as it has long been known as one of the deadliest surfing locations on the planet, specifically notable for shallow reefs and heavy waves. Combined with a “Ride of the Year” nomination at Puerto Escondido last year, this ride at Teahupoo makes you wonder if there is anything Domke can’t do on a skimboard.

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