Kriss Kyle on Nectar

An Introduction to Kriss Kyle:

Kriss Kyle is the newest addition of advocates for Nectar. Welcome to The Team Kriss Kyle! Kriss is a gifted and talented BMX Rider from Stranraer, Scotland. He has been shredding since the age of 10, and like every other young athlete in their early career had a dream to go big as a sponsored BMX athlete. Kriss is more than just a contest rider, even though he has competed in many since 2008 with multiple X-Games appearances. He combines his competitive style with a creative and artsy flair that diversifies him from other riders. Ultimately, Kriss would rather be going on filming trips than doing contests. At Nectar we reward individuals who are progressives in doing things differently from the mainstream, so that is why we wanted to bring Kriss Kyle on the Team.

Earlier in 2015, Kriss Kyle teamed up with Red Bull videographers and Ridley Scott Associates to produce a film that used moving set pieces and optical techniques to truly show Kriss Kyles’ style. The theme of the Kaleidoscope Project was, “See Things Differently” and it totally agrees with the mindset of the creative Kriss Kyle. Kaleidoscope displayed a depiction of a thought that could only be manufactured in dreams. The surreal thing about Kriss Kyle’s dream was that it was brought to life. “Red Bull gave me the sort of opportunity that doesn’t come around every day - to let me build whatever I want”. Kaleidoscope should be watched by every type of rider, because it goes to show you that your creativity is unlimited and that your dream world can become the real world. Imagination is everything. Along with Kaleidoscope, Kriss also appeared on a Top 5 BMX Video Edit during the year of 2012 called, Dig Deep.

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