A Guide For Things You Should Not Do At A Music Festival

A Guide For Things You Should Not Do At A Music Festival

Posted by Chad Smith on

Dear Nectar Community,

Festival Season is pretty much in full swing right now, and we have a compiled list of things that should not go down when you are in party mode at a music festival. We know we have a lot of people who are Jedis and Masters of the Force when it comes to being prepared for the rodeo, but we just wanted to pass along friendly reminders to further prepare your consciousness. Be Ready For The Unexpected and do not let your homies down !

Here is What You Should Not Do At A Music Festival:

1. Buying Substances Without Testing Them

Resolution: Test Kit 

Do not give into peer pressure and become a casualty of war at a music festival. Do not be the individual or individuals who end up in a hospital because you took fabricated substances. There is a way to party safe and that relies within the purchase of a test kit. Purchase your's here on Amazon.

2. Not Being Hydrated

Resolution: CoConut h20

Before the festival you should already be properly hydrating leading up to a three or four day journey. One thing everybody should pack in their coolers is coconut water accompanied by more water. Water is Life y'all, do not fall behind the curve. Consuming high amounts of Vitamin C is also good to coat your stomach before heading to a festival. According to myth, some say Vitamin C extends your peak.

3. Losing Your Friends

Resolution: Bring Flags and Indication Materials

"Oh Great, Where Did Chad Run Off to?"

Loosing your friends can be a double edged sword. Some individuals like doing this because they are looking for unpredictability, and those are the type of people you can't do anything for. However, for the ones who are prone to not being comfortable when lost than that becomes a stressed out situation. Make sure to have effective communication between one another, wear a watch, have a sign with LED lights, and Leave No Man Behind.

4. Not Bringing A Wagon or Equipment Carrier

Resolution: DIY Wagon or Buying an Equipment Carrier

I first witnessed the importance of having an equipment carrier at TommorowWorld in 2014. Parking was extremely far away and we had to walk and transport our equipment almost a half-mile to the festival. Having an equipment carrier was a game changer. Seeing people haul their equipment on their backs, shoulders, and heads was so painful to watch. Don't be those people.

5. Waiting in Line For the Shower or Paying to Use the Shower

Resolution: Investing in a Portable Shower

EFFFFFFFFFFFF, waiting in line and paying for a dirty shower. EWWW gross, you definitely will be not be pulling babes at a festival. Portable shower systems can range from 25-50$. Invest in this, stay fresh, and save time.

6. Not Bringing Your Nectar Sunglasses

Resolution: Purchasing New 2017 Nectar Frames

Seriously, we are de-friending you if you forget to bring your Nectar Sunglasses. 


Your Staff At Nectar Sunglasses




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