Flowers or Concentrates ?

Which side of the spectrum do you fall in ? What are the reasons that make you lean to the right or the left in this debate? Hopefully, this is a no-brainer for you and that your stance on this topic is somewhat moderate because both types are needed, but obviously used at different times of day.

Burning flowers is tradition, dabbin is the new way, and now eating edibles is starting to become a trend. 

How do you consume THC ? Are we dabbin', eating, or still smoking out of straight-shooters and beakers?

 As you know each method of consumption comes along with different types of feels. People who dab claim that their high is so intense that it increases their focus and productivity, while people who burn flower might have to light up again to feel that way. However, people who argue for flowers say there is a relationship and tangible connection with breaking up nuggets (we totally agree with ya). 

All three methods lead to a certain legal high, but I guess the specific question to ask you is what kind of high do you want to feel?

Let's take a look at a table to see what high you want to feel. 

With edibles you probably know that they are the best for doing nothing and parking it on the couch for a couple hours. 

The 21st century for marijuana is so much brighter than the 20th century where people burning stems and seeds. There is no right or wrong in this discussion as a young adult in this era it is safe to say we are all getting legally loaded in the best ways possible.



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