By now you may know about Nectar’s favorite cause: Save the bees, save the world!

Seriously, while plenty of people associate these buzzing insects with bites they occasionally dole out, very few know just how critical these passionate pollinators are to our planet.

Sadly, bees around the world are dwindling quickly due to pesticides, diseases, climate change and other problems. So we’re here to give you an earful about why bees are badasses—and you’re going to love it.

First, food: A full third of the entire human food supply relies on bees for pollination. That’s right, we need these superbugs to fertilize a vast majority of the crops we eat—everything from apples to almonds—and alfalfa seeds (for livestock) in between. It’s been estimated that 80% of food available in our grocery stores has a honeybee to thank for its existence.

Second, flowers: They’re beautiful, but flowers can only be bountiful if bees abound. At least three quarters of all flowering plant types require bees to get busy. Without these beloved bees to spread seeds, making more planet-sustaining plant-life isn’t even possible. 

Third, honey, baby: Let us not forget one of Earth’s most naturally delicious and healthy sweeteners, delivered directly by the work of bees. Honey’s disease-fighting flavonoids, especially when consumed from local bees, help humans ward off all kinds of sicknesses. The sticky stuff is also a delicacy for hungry bears. Plus birds, bats, raccoons and other animals dig the honeycomb and protein-packed bee larvae, too.

We could go on: There’s a vast array of information that everyone should know about bees. But take this as your daily dose of planetary knowledge and get behind something like The Bee Cause Project.

We all have a responsibility to help fix environmental issues we contribute to creating. Why not pitch in to help protect the planet by giving bees a fighting chance? Sweet

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