Save the Bees - Nectar Sunglasses
Ted // The Bee Cause Founder


The Bee Cause Project Bee Thinking
Save The Bees, Save the World
Bees are actually friendly insects and have pollinated our planet for over 20 million years. Unfortunately, their populations are rapidly diminishing. Since 1975 we have lost half the amount of bee hives. In 2015 alone a whopping 42% of U.S. bee colonies have perished.
Just a few pretty good reasons why bees are good:
  • ⅓ of our food supply relies on bees
  • A bee colony can populate 300 million flowers a day
  • Bees help account for an economic value of over $10 billion in the U.S. alone
In a partnership with TheBeeCause and BeeThinking, Nectar Sunglasses will be donating a portion of all sales to help protect bee colonies and increase the population of bees. We also plan to educate our Nectar family on why bees are so important and their bad rep is just a misconception.
Help Nectar Sunglasses save the world by saving the bees!