Hurricane Matthew's Provides The Destruction & The Goods

Dear East Coasters,

Hurricane Matthews' may have destroyed nature (and other realities), but at the same time it made nature truly beautiful and provided a playground for surfers on the East Coast. 

The East Coast has not embraced a storm like this or surfed for weeks since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hope everyone scored and got some waves or threw the best hurricane party ever. Cheers to all the Survivors! Crack a Cold One and Give Yourself a Pat on The Back Fam. DAMMMMM DANIEL, YOU MADE IT!!!!

 Anyhow here are some interesting reports and additional media from the historic storm:

1. Did you know that the storm was so strong it uncovered cannonballs from the Civil War near Fort Sumter ? Check out the Link Here. 

2. Footy From Local Surfer Brett Barley. 

Feel Free to Send in Your Footy or Media from Hurricane Matthews.

3. An Underpass in Norfolk, VA is completely flooded and there was footy on social media of people jumping into it. 

Special Thanks To Virginia Beach Lifeguard Evan Crawley for the Featured Image of the 15th St Fishing Pier in VB. 

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