Music Venues To Checkout If You Are In The Golden State

The 2017 outdoor festival season is slowly coming to an end so what venues should you head to ? Of course there are festivals like Snowglobe, but will you really be totally enjoying yourself in sub 30 degree weather? We aren't haters, but we know that we want to party comfortably at Nectar. The party and music isn't stopping in the fall you just have to be in the right place and for you veteran show goers you know where that is. So, lets introduce a couple venues to our newbies and give them a 411 on where the parties, music, and fun will continue to bump. 

Here is our Compiled List of Venues To Throwdown In:

The Fillmore, SF:

The historic Fillmore in San Francisco is an electrical experience. They host the best bands and musical acts, and their drink and tapas menu are out of this world. 

BangBang, San Diego: Japanese eats, Electro-House Music Acts, and dank drinks. Hip-Interior design and home to a retro disco ball from the 70s. Great place to start your downtown San Diego bar crawl.

The New Parish, Oakland: 

The New Parish is Lit, brace yourselves if you are a hip-hop and reggae head. This is your location if you are drawn to this genre of music. It gets naughty up in here !

The Airliner, LA: The Airliner has almost similar vibes to the New Parish, but on another level. From Odd Future to DJ sets produced and influenced by the Low End Theory this place kicks ass, so get yourself up in here.

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