Activities That Require Sunglasses

At Nectar we are an active bunch of people and we know you take part in activities that require you to be wearing sunglasses at certain points of time. Here are a couple activities that you could be doing this Fall, where having a pair of Nectar Sunglasses could enhance your steez while you are on the move. Later this month we are releasing the "Topaz" and the "Remi" and both will be available on September 27th. Both of these lens types and color schemes are a great way to block out those Fall time sun rays. Be prepared to get fresh and step into Fall with a new look. 

You Should Be Rocking Your Nectars When You Are...

On your Bicycle Commute.

On A Hike.

Searching For A Dope View.

Cruising on Your Skateboard.

Heading to Your Next Class especially if you are feeling hungover.

Or Simply Just Hanging Out At The Park.




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