3 Board Sport Films That Should Be On Your Must Watch List

Watching boarding sport documentaries and films is the best way to get your dose of stoke when you are feeling bored and waiting for waves or are simply looking for a late night movie choice. Any documentaries within the boarding sector are filled with adventure and thrill seeking, and if you are a part of our community then we know your eyes will surely be glued to your television set. The Nectar Team has three noteworthy picks for you and we hope these films will inspire you to keep searching for "True Freedom"

Proximity by Taylor Steele: Proximity features 8 talented surfers and three seasons of surfing. Kelly Slater who rarely makes appearances in the surf film industry has one of the most significant segments in the film and gives more background on who he is as a person. Taylor Steele is a phenomenal veteran director and he definitely shows off his skills in this vibrant surfing film. 

Jeremy Jones' in "Deeper": Deeper is the first installment of a three part series featuring the talents of Northern Californian and Truckee Local Jeremy Jones. He is one of the top elite independent snowboarders and "Deeper" shows him dropping in on some insane downhill vertical terrains. Also Jeremy and company didn't just fly up to the mountain in a helicopter they ascended most of these mountains by foot ! 

Made In Venice Movie from Made In Venice Movie on Vimeo.

Made In Venice: This movie is pretty much the sequel to the Lords of Dogtown and their influence. It continues on with the evolution of street skating that was inspired by the Z Boys and how the city of Venice wanted to ban it by inserting city codes and laws against skateboarding. This movie tells the story of skaters who fought to keep the local roots intact by designing and building a skatepark in the city for future generations.


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