Best frames for moving from trail to town

Playing outside after work or on the weekend leads to a new first-world problem: What sunglasses will work for both outdoor action and happy hour?


To assist with this modern-day dilemma, we’ve rounded up a few Nectar styles known for their ability to transition from the trail to town. All of these include polarized lenses with smart filters so you can see all of life’s nuances, whether that’s jumping a stump on your bike or flirting with that foxy friend you’ve had your eye on. They make everything look better.


Coltic: This cut classic wayfarer design in a sleek matte black-on-black color story works everywhere you go. Michael S. nailed it in his review of the Coltic: ­­“A simple, classy, and stylish pair of glasses that I can wear on any occasion, whether it be going for a hike in the mountains, hitting the city, or just when I want to look low-key mysterious. I absolutely love these shades.”


Indigo: Like a party on your face, this cake-inspired design combines a playful marble-white frame with a yes-please purple lens. The Indigo is reflective of harmful UV rays, glare and … a bold personality. We’re having a Miley Cyrus moment.


Palms: High rollers covet these classy squared off sunglasses, featuring a clean black lens framed by sophisticated black tortoise. Jackson R. rocks these when he’s needs uncompromised performance and style. “They look awesome and they’re great if you’re on the water they eliminate the reflection off of the water.”


Porter: Once girls go roundeye, do they ever go back? This feminine yet forward all-black circular frame style is refreshingly lightweight yet secure for any adventure you get yourself into.  

Parday: Day + party = parday. Get it? These understated grey frames get a take-charge pop of color from a blue-green mirrored lens. We see these transitioning from sand volleyball to an afternoon of day drinking by the sea. Customer Pustolovni C. agrees: “Perfect for outdoor activities and just chilling on the beach.” You’ll see.

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