Nectar Inspired Halloween Costumes & Sunglasses Combos

What's up Nectar Fam,

Are we ready for Halloween 2017 this year? Do you have your costumes picked out or are you still on a brain quest ? Let us help you with your search because the 31st is going to be here sooner than you think. Complete your 2017 Halloween costume with a pair of Nectar Sunglasses. To get your mind jogging we have a curated list of costume ideas and Nectar Sunglasses combos to take a look at:


  • The Marty Mcfly costume is not a bad idea and super simple if you don't want to spend too much money. The only thing that is different about Marty this time is that he's going to fine Nectar Sunglasses in the Future. The Tye Dye Radioactives would definitely be the pairing for this selection.


  • We like Willy Wonka and we like his sunglasses that he is wearing, but we have a pair that will certainly enhance this halloween costume. 


  • Colt 45 and Marijuana Leaf- 

Our top recommendation this year would be Nectar Sunglasses from the RadioActive Series  Collection. These sunglasses make a great pairing that will go along with just about any costume you select this year. Especially, if there is a blacklight party happening those sunglasses will definitely be in action. Who would of ever of thought that you could get away with wearing sunglasses at night? Wearing Nectars from the RadioActive Series is the new way to see at the party and express yourself. 

#GetOnTheNewWave #RadioActiveSeries 


We can't wait for Halloween this year and we hope you are too. Let's continue to be epic, find the stoke, and achieve goals. 




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