Stoke From Our Favorite East Coast Surf Spot

An OBX Session For The Books
If you would like to know how the waves have been during Winter 2017, ask Virginia Beach surfer, Austin O' Neil. 
For Virginia Beach surfers the Outer Banks is a second home for us and we are certainly second nature to it. We know where to find all the good sandbars, and we are fully committed to sleeping in our cars just to wake up to a perfect swell. Ask any Virginia Beach surfer to confirm that is true. Thankfully, OBX surfers don't seem to mind us and reluctantly share a little bit of the wealth, because the OBX is totally rich in the amount of waves they get compared to Virginia Beach. It seems like this winter is not going to hold up so keep your wave riding vehicles on deck, we still have two months left.
This Is What True Freedom Looks Like
Photo Credit: Riley Sheerin

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