Summer Surfboard Guide

It's almost that time again to transition from wetsuits and step-ups to boardshorts and summer shapes. We are dropping this guide a little early because we felt that you could relate to how desperate we are to get to summer, even though the waves are a little smaller. Here is a small summer surfboard guide to reference to when the waves start to get a little smaller.

Lost "The Pelagic"

This board is ridden by Mason Ho and is a part of his North Shore Quiver and that's all you need to know.

Lost The "Quiver Killer" 

Honestly, if you purchase this board you might not need another board for awhile. This board is an all around and definitely an all season board. Give it a shot ! Chris WardO Approves !

Superbrand "The Fling" 


DHD XRS Small Wave Performance Shortboard from DHD Surf on Vimeo.

Catch Surf The "Stump"

The "Stump" is a must for every summer quiver. Are you a member of WSBL (World Softboard League) ? 



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