Today, Nectar Sunglasses sponsored an event for Surfer's Healing, attended by nearly 1,000 people at Folly Beach. Known as the original surf camp for children with autism, the organization is run by a group of dedicated volunteers that empower thousands of children around the world by teaching them how to surf. Not only is surfing proven to be a therapeutic experience for children with autism, but it gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves and see what they’re capable of in a safe, engaging environment.


The Nectar brand was largely inspired by its founders’ lives, including surfing, travel and beach time. The company is proud to support a cause that helps children in need discover new passions and enjoy one of the many outdoor adventures available to them in Charleston. At the event, Nectar donated some of its most popular sunnies and accessories from itscurrent collection to inspire kids to keep surfing and chasing adventure (in style).

In addition to the Surfer’s Healing project, Nectar Sunglasses is passionate about saving the honeybees and giving back to the environment. To raise awareness of this underrepresented cause, Nectar has a year-round partnership with The Bee Cause, which helps repopulate endangered honeybees in schools across the United States. For each item purchased, Nectar donates a portion of its profits to the organization, equating to 16 honeybees on average. For more information, please visit

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