Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

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Have you ever asked yourself if there was a way you could spend less while traveling ? Do you know how to book a flight for cheap and roll out on a penny? Ok, I am exaggerating a little, but I want to get you hyped up because FYI you can travel for less than what you would normally pay for when going on vacation.

A year ago Vice published an article called, "How To Travel the World First Class When You Are Broke". There are some points in the article that I do not completely agree about, but of course it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you concur or defer.

One of the main highlights in this article is the paragraph on booking a flight. I think everybody in the Nectar Community can certainly benefit from reading this section in particular. Everything else in the article revolves around credit cards and mileage points, which can be treacherous but if you happen to be good at crunching numbers then you could claim to be a successful travel hacker. 

Here is a short highlighted list of Travel Hacks that you can easily incorporate into your Travel Schemes for saving time and money while traveling.

1. TSA Pre-Check is So Worth It Bro.

TSA Pre-Check is overlooked and travelers stray away from it because they do not think they fly too much. Wrong.

Here is the work around- Sign up For the Global Entry Program. It is a 100$ Application Fee all inclusive and is better than purchasing through TSA which is 85$ to register plus additional service fees. 

Who is tired of removing your shoes and taking your laptops out of your bags, and who is sick of long lines at security? 

2. Volunteer To Be Bumped From Overbook Flights

Got some time on your hand or do not care about time at all when you are traveling than this an easy way to make your $ back or be bumped up to first class. 

Evidence for why this works: My dad has done it before. 

Ok, there is a little bit more to that, but this has been done before and frequent travelers use this method when they do have time to save some $. This also allows you to chill in your layover city for a bit.

3. Stay Organized

Download your airline's mobile app so that you save paper, can access movies or music, and track your flights departures & arrivals. 

4. Bring Fido

For those of you that have dogs and other pets this a great app to use to find pet-friendly destinations and pet-kennels abroad. 

5. CityMaps2Go

This app requires no data or internet connection and will allow you to use a GPS system to find your destination or get out a hectic situation in no time. Everybody should download this especially if you are a newbie in town. 

And Last But Not Least,

Don't Forget to bring your Nectar Sunglasses to add to your travel swag and  block out unwanted attention. 

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