Best snowboard eyewear to use on the slopes

The holidays and snowboarding season are well underway which begs the question, what are the best snowboard eyewear products to wear on the slopes? Snowboarding requires a good amount of gear from jackets, helmets, boards and of course eye protection. Since snow intensifies the UV rays, it's crucial to wear the right sunglasses. Without the right pair of shades, you're susceptible to Cataracts, Pterygium (surfer's eye) and even blindness. Luckily, there are many quality options to choose with the best snowboard eyewear products being the  Nectar UV 400 Cam Polarized Sunglasses

UV 400 Cam

The UV 400 Cam is a newer model to the Nectar Line and it's a premium product as it has a higher price than some of the other Nectar Products. However, this is a testament to the higher quality as it has impact resistant TAC lenses. TAC, or Triacete Cellulose, is a 7 layer film found in our lenses which block 100% of UV rays and give the rider a clear picture on the slope. These glasses protect against all types of UV rays, including UVA, UVB, and UBC rays. UVA rays are the most common ray type, and are 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the earth's surface. These cause wrinkles and premature skin aging. UVB rays are more rare than UVA, but these rays are deadlier as they cause the most sunburns and are connected to skin cancer.

best snowboard eyewear

Besides eye protection, these glasses are meant to last through many inevitable wipe outs. Scratch Resistant Film is placed over the lenses as an additional defense. Also, these glasses have a poly carbonate frame, which contributes to its durability. In fact, Poly carbonate has been shown to be 10 times more resistant than glass or plastic frames. This material was approved for public goods in the 1980's, and it was originally used to cover canopies in fight pilot planes as well as visors for astronaut helmets. In the rare case of broken sunglasses, we offer free replacements for life.

Snowboarding Goggles/Straps

Naturally, it's wise to wear sunglasses on the slope, but what's the best way to keep the glasses on your head? Some riders don't wear helmets (which is quite foolish in and of itself), but wear sunglasses on the slopes. By doing this, their sunglasses could potentially fall off of their face with enough speed and a quick head turn. Therefore, it's crucial to consider ways to keep the glasses on your head.

best snowboard eyewear

One easy and affordable way to prevent this is to purchase a sun glass strap. Luckily, Nectar has plenty of stylish, comfortable sunglasses straps to ensure those glasses stay put. For example, the Bikini Strap Croakie comes in colors including red, green and is meant for maximum comfort. Besides snowboarding, it's prudent to have these straps when doing other sports like kayaking and paddle boarding. While these straps are an extra cost, they can save you money by not having to constantly replace lost glasses. Thus, it makes sense to spend more cash upfront for long term savings.

Also, snowboarding Goggles can be a great way to shield your eyes from the sun on the slopes. These Goggles have bigger frames and wide straps, which make them great for snowboarders.

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