Why polarized will rock your world

First, what the heck does polarized mean, anyway?


The definition of polarize is “to restrict the vibrations of (a transverse wave, especially light) wholly or partially to one direction.” Normally light waves scatter when they reflect off of surfaces. But when the sun shines on a flat surface like water light can polarize, or bounce in a particularly uniform and horizontal manner.


Ouch. That’s the searing glare you experience when driving on blacktop or fishing on a lake, for example. Not only are these blinding rays dangerous for the eyes, they’re just plain annoying when you need good visibility for a sport or activity.


The point of sunglasses with “polarized” technology is to filter the intensity of these hyper-focused reflections. With polarized sunglasses things appear clearer and more defined while your eyes remain relaxed.

It’s no wonder that this type of lens is increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts who want to perform better and keep their eyes safer while playing outside. In fact it can be hard to go back to regular lenses after experiencing polarized sunglasses.


At Nectar, we have our own special form of lens technology called Lucid, which allows for even more UV blocking than traditional polarized lenses. It comes standard on all EuphoricHD Polarized models. These will blow your mind because of an unparalleled combination of superior eye protection, high quality and affordability.


Our polarized lenses come in all kinds of styles, too, so that’s never a limiting factor. We’ve got classic shapes, playful color combinations, popular round frames, boho styles, partial frames and lots more.

Not only are Nectar’s EuphoricHD Polarized styles made by hand, they’re never glued together like many of the sunglasses at this friendly price point. Better yet? Nectar is one of the only eyewear brands to offer a lifetime warranty.


So if you’ve never tried polarized, you’ve got nothing to lose—except glare.

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