Meditation Zone

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your stresses and fears? How do you deal with them? We all have coping mechanisms and different strategies on how to deal with our inner self. Some of us work out at the gym, skate or surf it off, talk to someone, or we bottle it up which is very bad. If you can't find an alternative, meditation could be the way to deal with those inner demons.

Meditation is a great holistic practice to master in order to maintain peace. Sometimes we need a solid 10-30 minutes to put our minds to rest so that we won't go berserk. It is a great way to be mindless and be away from the thoughts that are holding us captive. Here is an anonymous quote to think about:

"Water if you don't stir it will become clear; the mind left unaltered will find it's own natural peace."

Our minds are like an ocean sometimes our thoughts are like a stormy sea, and at other moments it is completely calm with pink skies. During the times when our minds are like a stormy sea we have to close our eyes to return to a peaceful state. 

Take the time when you are angry and upset about things to find an alternative route. Meditation is food for the soul and the time we need when we are feeling vulnerable. 

Everybody's goal this week should be to find your Meditation Zone.


This is a classic guided meditation video by Alan Watts, but it is still worthy. Guided Mediations are very helpful if you are having a hard time remaining calm. 

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