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Our mission is to create dynamic, customized eyewear that allows you to experience life’s greatest adventures in style – without breaking the bank.

Founded in 2012 in Charleston, SC by two surfers and longtime friends, Nectar represents good vibes and celebrates active lifestyles and the outdoors. We were established for the risktakers, the freethinkers and the people who strive to experience true freedom. With each pair, you’re opening the door for recreation, passion and fun.

To help repopulate endangered honeybees in the United States, we donate a portion of our profits to thebeecause.org. Learn more below.

The Sweet Life
Nectar Sunglasses // Enjoy the Sweet Life
Nectar Sunglasses

We don’t play by the rules. The unique color combinations we’ve implemented over time are a result of many late nights experimenting so we could learn the craft and refine our styles. An ever-evolving brand comprised of a team of positive, free-spirited individuals, we offer consistently reliable customer service and we’re one of the only eyewear brands to offer a lifetime warranty with each purchase.

Our unique EuphoricHD polarized lenses provide high quality and ultimate protection at an affordable price. Each pair has been crafted through in-person encounters with our founders and each one is handmade.

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Save the Bees, Save the WorldSave the bees, live the sweet life
Nectar Sunglasses

We have partnered with The Bee Cause to repopulate honeybees across the United States. With each purchase, we donate a portion of the profits to the cause. The goal is to educate children on the need for honeybees, which pollinate many of the foods we eat, in addition to vital crops used to feed livestock. With this partnership, the bees are provided hives at schools across the country so they have access to the outside and can pollinate as needed.

Save the bees, save the world.

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