Sorry For The Wait

We apologize about the inconvenience on delivering the highly anticipated Nectar frames last April. Reluctantly our staff got down to business and they are now ready for you to Retrieve (Polarized & Non-Polarized Models). Check under the shop category and take a look to see what new frames spark your taste. As you can see everybody has been joining the Nectar Team, a lot of our models have been selling out left and right. Thank you for your support, and Welcome New Squad Members you are now a part of an exclusive community. We encourage you to continue being a swagged out hippie and stay fly like the Wright Brothers. #onehunnit

The Freshness:

The Ketch (Polarized)

The Convoy (Polarized)

The Cay (Polarized)

The Melli (Polarized)


The Kilgo (Non-Polarized)

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