Footy, Hype, and Stoke From Kelly Slater's Wave Pool

Saturday Super Session from Kelly Slater Wave Co on Vimeo.

Surfing's Newest Installment: Can Ya Dig It?

Artificial wave pools is a new chapter in the art of surfing. New age surfers and traditional surfers have different opinions about the new installment, but c'mon quit being salty about it. Almost every action sport now has some sort of artificial simulation, nothing is purely organic anymore. There are indoor ski slopes, rock climbing gyms, and now Wave Pools. Wave pools will never beat a natural beach break like Trestles, a reef break in Bali, or double overhead at Pipe. There is really no argument, if you totally think that wave pools will make you a better surfer you are surely mistaken. You are a straight up kook if you think that. Nothing can make you more stronger than facing the natural elements itself like paddling into big outside sets, rip currents, and other potential ocean dangers. Action sports build character and that is one of the greatest aspects about our environment. A universal observation all surfers have is that Art within surfing is imperfection, but through this we manage to find the stoke in something that may not be perfect. That my friends is true happiness. The plus side to wave pools for real surfers is that it does give you an opportunity to appreciate a perfect wave and is ultimately a training scenario. The down side to wave pools is membership and other applicable fees, paying to ride blows. The cool thing about surfing is that you can hop in anywhere at anytime for free. Wave pools will never steal the true essence of surfing, but we should still be happy to read the next chapter in surfing history. 

Kanoa's first Wave from Kelly Slater Wave Co on Vimeo.


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