5 pairs of sunglasses perfect for summer

Summer is fast approaching, and before you know it days will be longer and warmer. With more sunlight coming your way, you're going to need a trusty pair of shades to keep your eyes in shape. 

Maybe you want to wear them on the beach, on a hike, at a festival, or even into the club at night. It's perfect time for a new pair, because Nectar just released our newest line just in time for festival season. 

However you plan on needing a pair of sunglasses, we've got 5 pairs that are perfect for summer. And if you're unsure what fits your face best, check out the face shapes guide here

1. Alpha

If you're looking for a spin on the classic aviator style, then look no further than the Alpha. With some hard lines in the frames, it's an updated take on the aviator with our high quality polarized lenses to keep your eyes fresh. 

2. Clark

You've got to have a tortoiseshell pair of sunnies in your arsenal. And the Clark will give you style for miles with a pair of glasses you can wear on the beach or out to a wedding.

3. Dub

The Dub just screams warmer weather with its orange/yellow lenses. Ready for a party anywhere and anytime, the Dub is surely to be one of the best pair of shades you can find for summer. 

4. Rey

The Rey is a frame that is the perfect pair of glasses you need to take with you on the go. Hiking a mountain, skateboarding in the streets, or spending some time on the boat, the Rey is going to stay glued to your face while giving you ultimate U.V. protection with its polarized polycarbonate lenses.  

5. Moab

The Moab is a pair of sunglasses comfortable from the woods to a festival to a backyard BBQ. A versatile pair of sunnies that you're going to be counting on everywhere your summer takes you this year. 

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