Meet The Love Bus Crew

The Love Bus crew was originated by 13 stoke-filled and adventurous runners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission was to take on a different type of running adventure in an area where the crew has never stepped foot in before. So, the crew made plans to take on the unknown and decided to run the circumference of Oahu, the Big Island in Hawaii. The crew ran relay style through 332 miles and split it into 6 mile sections between each of the 13 runners. During this running expedition they were able to take in new views, enjoy a tribal atmosphere, and experience a new type of Chill. 

At Nectar we fully support movements like this and we are super stoked on the Love Bus. If you would like to read more about the journey, check out the full article on Cliff Bar. , and be sure to click play down below to see the short film.

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