6 Best Sunglasses Gifts for Father's Day

6 Best Sunglasses Gifts for Father's Day

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Giving a gift is a matter of considering the recipient’s style, personality, and interests. The best gifts are always the ones that make it seem like the person really knows you, and the gifts we get for dad this Father’s Day are no exception. Whether they’re wild, serious, cool, or a little nerdy, getting your dad the gift that fits him best will make Father’s Day 2016 one he’ll not soon forget.

The Dad That’s Still Ridiculously Cool

Is your dad an impossibly charming and beloved man? Some dads just get more awesome each year. They need a pair of shades that match their charisma. For these dads, aviators are as iconic as it gets. With silver frames modified with rubber side pads and multi-colored blue mirrored lenses, it’s officially impossible for your dad to not look cool in the classic Apollo design. If your dad has light-brown hair or prefers more of a tan color scheme, then the gold framed Sully shades may be more his style. Either way, skipping the tie this year in favor of a uniquely colored pair of aviators will be a refreshing Father’s Day gift for cool dads everywhere.

Apollo Shades - Polarized Aviators

The High-Achieving Patriarch

Let’s face it, some dads are strait up authoritarians, demanding massive levels of respect while they keep their family safe and secure. While these dads may not be the most approachable, they make up for it with power and sacrifice, doing what’s necessary to advance their careers. High-achieving patriarchs like these will need a pair of sunglasses worthy of a powerful man. The Venice design fits the bill: with black, Vegas-style frames and amber colored lenses, these shades command respect.  

Venice Vegasframe - Polarized

Tech Masters and Gamer Dads

While everyone has technology now, some dads were in line to get the first Atari 2600’s back in the late 1970’s. For the dads who’ve always been fascinated with gadgets, games, and fun futuristic stuff in general, Nectar makes Strain Cutting Computer Glasses. Long story short, these Strain Cutters can be worn indoors and out, and most importantly, they eliminate eye strain from digital screens. Available in four distinct styles, Strain Cutters are the perfect way to let your tech-savvy father keep doing the things he’s always loved. 

Wayfarer Strain Cutters

Hippies and Nature Loving Dads

Perhaps your father has always been a hippy at heart, and now that he’s a man of means and knowledge, he even likes to grow his own herbs. Grow Room Glasses might be the ideal gift for this type of dad, as they protect his eyes from not just UV rays but also the high-spectrum rays that come from LED grow lights. If your dad’s a hippy, let him keep living his trippy life with one of four types of Grow Room Glasses this Father’s Day.

Black Vegas - Grow Room Shades

The Father with a Wild Side

While most dads abide by a lot of social norms, a lucky few of us have fathers who could care less what people think. These dads may be inclined to surprise family with fun trips, practical jokes around the house, and causing a scene for hilarity’s sake. Clearly this is a man who lets his freak flag fly, so let’s not hold him back with a lame gift. Instead, a pair of the Kiwi style of shades from Nectar, with their teal frames and yellow sunburst lenses, are just the thing for the man who would rather have a blast than fit in with the crowd. 

Kiwi Wayfarers

For Dads who Never Wear Shades

Not everyone is into wearing sunglasses. Maybe your dad has lost too many pairs to count or prefers some other method of sun protection, like visors or hanging out in the shade. Luckily, Nectar even has these dads covered, with stylish hoodies, caps, beanies, and accessories. The Kemp tee is a cool t-shirt by any standard, and features a stylish dark color with a graphic of a surfer dude biking to the beach, providing the perfect attire for dad’s much-anticipated days off. Even if he’s getting up there in age, dad still wants to have fun and look cool. Help him out this Father’s Day with something to spice up his casual wardrobe. 

Best Father’s Day Ever

We can’t expect every Father’s Day gift to be memorable, and of course, gifts are not most fathers’ priority on Father’s Day. However, a few gifts will be remembered, and a pair of shades that perfectly fit his personality will show that you know the man better than anyone. Whether your dad is the life of the party or the reliable rock that holds your family together, we wish you the best of luck in making this Father’s Day one he’ll never forget.

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