National Sunglasses Day: Three Fun Ways to Celebrate

Nectar sunglasses

National Sunglasses Day is right around the corner, on June 27. While there are holidays for pretty much every occasion nowadays, this is one holiday that Nectar will definitely be celebrating. We hope you join the party too. Origins of the holiday are shaded in mystery. What’s clear though is that America’s fanaticism with sunglasses has been growing since the first pair was sold way back in 1929. Now, there's a massive variety of styles, materials, and innovative lenses to fit any activity or personality. As we celebrate Sunglasses Day, let’s remember all the best we’ve had while wearing our favorite shades, and let's have an even greater time this year.   

Go on an Epic Outdoor Adventure

A lot of sunglasses are made with daring, active people in mind. What better way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day than by leaving your comfort zone and trying a new outdoor challenge. Whether it’s rock climbing, kayaking, skimboarding, or trying that six mile hike you’ve been putting off, wearing your shades on an epic outdoor adventure will leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment. Any sunglasses will be ideal for an outdoor hike, but one that’s made especially for adventure would be the Domke style of polarized wayfarers, complete with black frames and blue-green lenses.

Have a Chill Day in the Heat

Sunbathers are another group who never leaves without shades. Whether your preferred spot is poolside or on the beach, sunglasses are a crucial part of spending relaxing time in the sun. Celebrate Sunglasses Day by bringing a good book and a decent chair to your favorite spot. And don’t forget a fun, colorful pair of shades like the Inlet or Absinthe for maximum chillage in the sun.

Dress for Maximum Style and Hit the Town

For many people, sunglasses are a major part of their personal style. Your shades are an irreplaceable piece of your wardrobe that you feel naked without. Maybe you have a lucky pair already or maybe you need a new one to complete your ensemble. Either way, hitting some of your favorite downtown spots while dressed to the nines can be a fun way to celebrate Sunglasses Day. Maybe there’s a trendy beer festival in your city or a house party that some of your wilder work friends told you about. Or maybe you just want to get out there and see what you can get into. Rocking your best shades and going out on the town can lead to fun times and meeting cool people. If you want to grab attention on National Sunglasses Day, the Dank or Vagabond aviator styles are the way to go.

National Sunglasses Day Your Way

As the iconic accessory that transcends time, place, and personality, sunglasses are beloved by just about everyone. The extreme athletic types have shades that stay on securely and are built more durable than average. Those who like to hang out and catch a tan can buy sunglasses that provide the lens quality, look, and coverage that they need. Even those who are nowhere near water wear sunglasses regularly, and can buy unique and stylish designs that best suit their personality. Whatever you plan to do this Sunglasses Day, we hope you do it proudly, while wearing the world’s most versatile accessory.

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