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Style has just the same amount of effect on a first impression as words and actions do. Most people don’t realize how much they reveal about themselves without even speaking. Body language and fashion choices equally play key roles in how you present yourself to the world. There’s no better way to make a solid first impression than by showcasing your style. Sunglasses are an easy way to add massive amounts of style to whatever outfit you choose. Why? Because they make a statement. Each of the various types of shades makes a distinct statement about those who wear them. Here’s what each of these styles say about you:


polarized aviator sunglasses You are legendary. This is the style that never dies. Aviators were originally issued for military pilots, and later became a style of shades that have withstood the test of time. First introduced nearly a century ago, aviator sunglasses have remained popular among both men and women. Showcased in several of Hollywood’s iconic films by leading legends like Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise, aviators are only worn by the most hardcore of men and the most free-spirited women. Aviators are cool, rebellious, and classic. Those that wear aviators wear them with respect and authority. Slap on a pair of these dark Dante aviators and you are bound to become legendary.

Clubby Sunnieschubby sunglasses

Clubby shades, or the “Hipster” style sunglasses, are so original that they first made their appearance in the 1950s and have come back around to rise to the top popular spot by sunglass wearers everywhere. These retro style shades say, “You’re cool, creative, and one of a kind”. Be careful rockin’ a pair of these stunning shades; people are going to expect you to live up to the stereotype of being unique, trendy, and original in every way.

The Oversized Lenses

orange polarized aviator sunglasses These are the perfect type of shades to hide behind. They don’t necessarily mean you are insecure or have a reason to hide, but oversized shades can make you look innocent whether you have been or not. The sunglasses can be butterfly shaped, oval, or rounded. These feminine shades— originally made popular by the one and only Jackie O.— provide a mysterious look that every woman secretly loves to portray. While all sunnies convey an element of mystery, large lenses playfully make the world wonder what lies behind those shades. While most men keep a dark pair of shades or aviators on hand, few women leave the house without their go-to pair of oversized sunglasses. Get your own shade of mystery with these Revert style sunglasses by Nectar and make the world wonder what you’re really all about.

Polarized Lenses

Blue steel wayfarersPolarized sunnies say one thing, “You belong outside.” Those who make the effort to own sunglasses that offer superior protection clearly care about their vision and performance. Polarized lenses are typically tinted because they’re designed to deflect the glare that comes off water and snow. Only the most adventurous individuals who spend some serious time outdoors wear polarized sunnies. If you’re planning a cross-country hike through the snow, or need extra protection from the glare off water while surfing, wakeboarding or boating, then polarized shades are right for you. Often found as wrap-around and sports style sunglasses, Nectar offers polarized frames available in both aviator and wayfarer styles. Add a wild pair of polarized sunglasses to your collection and get outside today.

Sporty Shades

black sunglasses with black framesSport glasses have one statement, “You’re here, and it’s about to get real.” Epic movies, like The Terminator and The Matrix, launched sport style shades into our culture. These sunglasses aren’t for the weak of heart. When you slap on a sporty pair of shades you mean business. You aren’t just the average Joe going for a stroll; you are the guy who is out there hustlin’ your way to the top. Sport glasses are hardcore and only the baddest of them all can pull off a pair of these shades.


affordable white wayfarer sunglasses For a single accessory that transcends time, look no further than a basic pair of wayfarers. Wayfarers are worn by the best of them. From JFK to Jude Law, these shades have invaded pop-culture like no other accessory. Powerful in their simplicity, wayfarers look perfect for executives in suits or muscle men in tank tops, and remain a staple of rebels and trendsetters everywhere. As arguably the most versatile accessory, any man or woman can add a pair of wayfarers to any outfit to create an ensemble that turns heads everywhere. Wayfarers mean you’re edgy, and you don’t fit the mold. From the risk taker/adventure seeker to the laid back/chill dude, wayfarers fit every style, every day, and everyone. Don’t take our word for it. Get yourself a pair of these classic Hustler wayfarers with their vintage black frames and black lenses, and see if they don’t fit into your everyday lifestyle.

Stock Up On Stylewayfarer sunglasses

Now that we’ve made you a believer that your sunglasses say more than just that it’s sunny outside; you can’t own just one pair. Shop the full collection from Nectar Sunglasses today to stock up on different styles of shades for every outfit. These sunnies are fashionable and affordable, so it’s easy to own a different set of shades for every statement you ever want to make. Now get out there— Be cool. Be epic. Be you.

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