If you’ve stuck with conservative colors of sunglasses throughout your life, you never know what you might be missing. Perhaps an icy blue pair of Freeports, or green tortoise designed Bungalow shades can add some spice to your style. Change is good, and by changing it up with some of these wild sunglasses, you can take your style to new heights.  


Freeport style of shades from Nectar is a good first step into the world of colorful sunglasses. The bold blue frame with gold lenses could look great with a simple shirt and any comparably shaded pair of blue jeans.



Black and brown sunglasses tend to be everywhere these days, but what about white? For a pair of white shades done right, this Rayve style features a clear white frame with blue/green lenses. Many fashion experts recommend wearing colors that compliment your skin tones, but for anybody who feels like they look good in white, these are worth a shot.



With round blue/green lenses and a transparent gray frame, these Cadence shades are an updated and stylish variation of the round sunglasses your parents wore in the 60’s. For a fashion reminder regarding round lenses, keep in mind that the main advantage of round lenses is to soften up a square face or strong jawline. If your face shape warrants trying round lenses, then you get yourself a pair of these wild shades.  


If you have a lot of Irish Pride or some other reason to love the combination of green frames and gold lenses, then these Bungalow tortoise shades are ideal for you. While tortoise may seem like a new and odd design to those who have never tried it, you may be surprised at how much these boost an otherwise ordinary look. For something to match the dark tones of traditional wayfarers or aviators but with an extra green tortoise design, this Bungalow style might be just what you’ve been looking for.  


The clubby style of sunglasses is unique as it is, but combine it with black tortoise frames and gold lenses, and you have shades that are going to grab attention. Since black, white, and gold are the main colors in the Griffin sunglasses, consider an outfit that would take advantage of one or more of these.  


Who says blue and green don’t go together? These Kush shades make a strong argument otherwise, with sea blue lenses and bright lime green frames that are impossible to ignore. Rock a pair of Kush shades and show the world that you live a sweet life.

Sweet Shades for the Sweet Life

Anyone can dress conservatively and fit in with the safe and mediocre masses. Your parents probably did it, and your grandparents before them. Now, in 2015, we have the opportunity to explore new, creative, and interesting colors and designs of sunglasses. Let’s choose to seek out the unique, do things differently, and push the boundaries of style. Shop all of Nectar's styles today!

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