True, it’s fun to give in to latest trends and to change up your personal style. Although, you have to admit that there are times that call for a classic look that makes you feel good and makes you look great. In a world where accessories make all the difference, nothing stands out more than a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Made to Demand Authority

Unlike any other accessory, aviators were practically made to demand authority. Originally invented for Navy pilots in World War II, the look has evolved through the ages, as icons from Jimi Hendrix to Jack Nicholson have adopted aviators as a major part of their style. Now in 2015, almost 100 years after their invention, polarized aviators are still a classic favorite of men and women everywhere, especially those who want to attract attention. When the situation calls for a classic look, grab your best pair of aviator sunnies and do whatever it is you do best. 

Made for Every Situation

Another positive aspect of aviators is that their versatility makes them great to wear with any outfit. Aviator sunglasses are often made with soft, earthy colors like gold, silver, and black with aviators, and with metal frames. The new trend is wearing aviators with colored lenses, which make them perfect for every situation. Whether you’re rocking blue jeans and a wild colored polo shirt, dress pants and a button down, a suit and tie, or swimsuit clad and bound for the beach, there are aviators that are appropriate for all occasions.

Made for Everyone

More than any other type of shades, aviators are a classic look for every man, woman, and child, both young and old. The appeal of aviators look just as good on the older adults, as they do on teens, and they never make you look out of place or inappropriate. And they’re unisex. A stunning woman who wears aviators does not look more masculine for wearing them, nor does any man look less of a man for wearing them. The gender-neutral factor is one of the many reasons why aviators are some of the most popular sunglasses in history. This versatility is arguably the strongest trait of aviator sunglasses; regardless of age, gender, and personal style, aviators complement every person and every look.

Worn with Style 

Whether you rock a pair of aviators because they make you stand out, or because they bring out the best in any outfit, you’re not alone. Those who prefer a darker look will gravitate towards the Dante aviators, while those who like an icy blue and gold look will want to rock the Apollo. Whichever pair suits your style, there are plenty of reasons to remember to grab your aviators every time you step out of the house.

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