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Now that summer is over, we’re starting to trade our surfboards in for our snowboards. Instead of dropping in on waves, we’ll be hittin’ the slopes for new adventures and thrills to get our adrenaline pumpin’ over the next few months. And since we know most of you are going to be out living the sweet life this winter, we’ve decided to compile of list of the best sunglasses for snowboarders. Each of these polarized sunglasses prevent glare off the snow and ice, and are built to take a beating. Here are the top 10 sunnies you should grab before you hit the slopes this winter.


BlueSteel sunglasses

You don’t have to be a pro snowboarder to rock these sweet shades. The BlueSteel sunglasses have matching frames and lenses of a clean blue on blue look that you won’t find anywhere else. They are made with a lightweight frame, yet still impact resistant in case you have a wipeout on the slopes. The polycarbonate frame makes them durable for any beatings you might take while snowboarding. These sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, and the polarized lenses keep the glare off the snow from blinding your eyes, as well as reduce the strain on your vision. Grab a pair of the BlueSteel before you hit the slopes, and go out and conquer that mountain like you were born to do it.


*Added bonus: You’ll look pretty freakin’ sweet


Zeezo sunglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of shades to rock both on and off the slopes, then you need a pair of Zeezo sunglasses. With the blizzard blue lenses and the black frames, you can rock these shades anywhere. They are made with optimal impact resistant material so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged while you’re on the slopes. The 100% UV protection and polarized filter on the lenses will keep your vision free of glares off the snow, as well as protected your eyes from the blinding sun. These sunnies aren’t for the average Joe. With a pair of the Zeezo sunglasses you’ll be anything but ordinary, now get out there and show the world how awesome you really are.

*Added bonus: Come with free compliments from all of your friends


Drift sunglasses

If you’re planning on shredding the slopes this winter, grab a pair of Drift sunglasses before you head out. The brown frames and sunburst lenses will have you standing out, not just for skill, but also for style. The Drift sunglasses are polarized and 100% UV protected, and built to take a beating. If you intend on shredding hard this season, you need a pair of Drift sunglasses.

*Added bonus: These put you in the center of attention wherever you go


Abyss sunglasses

You asked for a game-changer, and that’s exactly what you got. The Abyss sunglasses are a perfect combination of blue on blue, with just enough contrast to keep you looking good. The frames are impact resistant, and the polarized lenses keep your eyes relaxed for a long day on the slopes. The Abyss are also cool because they come with a scratch resistant film on the lenses, so in case you end up face down in the snow, you can rest assured that your sunnies are well protected and ready for another run. Don’t be afraid to take a beating with these shades, they were built to handle the pressure.

*Added bonus: Includes a good time all the time


Epic sunglasses

The name says it all with these sunglasses. Epic is exactly what you become when you slap on a pair of these sweet shades. Built for style and speed, the frames are optimized to handle whatever you throw at them out on the slopes. The impact resistant polycarbonate lenses are made for maximum strength and durability, and the polarized filter on the lenses keep the glare off the snow from blinding your eyes. The flexible thermoplastic memory frames make these an awesome choice for any snowboarder. Be warned though, any shredder who wears these commits themselves to living up to the name. If you aren’t prepared to do epic shit, then these aren't the shades for you.

*Added bonus: Brings out the epic in you


Cypress sunglasses

You can’t be the type of snowboarder that takes himself too seriously if you want to wear the Cypress sunglasses. These brown tortoise shell colored frames with mirrored black lenses are for the party animal that lives inside every one of us. Aside from the sick colored frames, they are also built to be durable and to withstand every wipeout. The lenses are mirrored so they are impossible to see through on the outside, plus they are polarized, scratch resistant, and are 100% UV protection. These shades offer a great time for every snowboarder, but like we said before, don’t wear these if you plan on taking yourself too seriously. These lenses were made for living the sweet life, and that’s exactly what you should do.

*Added bonus: Made with insane amounts of style


Bombay sunglasses

You can’t miss somebody rockin’ a pair of these sick shades. Similar to the Cypress, the Bombay sunglasses can’t be worn too seriously. The tortoise shell frames and orange crush lenses turn heads wherever you go. So if you plan on wearing these on the slopes, you better bring your best tricks because you’re destined for attention wearing these sporty shades. The polarized lenses reduce the glare, so you’ll have no excuse but to make a solid landing for all 50/50s and 360s you’ll be throwin’ wearing these sick shades.

*Added bonus: Boosts your confidence to do what you’ve never done before


Pompeii sunglasses

Pompeii sunglasses are a classic look for every snowboarder. The transparent black frames are built for optimum durability, and the polarized orange crush lenses splash a little color on your face while reducing the blinding glares off the snow and are 100% UV protection. Even if you’re new to the slopes, you’ll still look cool even after a wipeout when you’re rockin’ these sweet sunglasses. The impact resistant lenses and frames are built with maximum strength, which make the Pompeii sunglasses perfect for every shredder.

*Added bonus: Keep you lookin’ hot no matter how cold it gets


Parday sunglassesTaking a break from the slopes for a little day drinking? Then the Parday sunglasses are just what you need. These sick shades are made for those who do what they want, when they want, and stand out like a boss. The Parday sunglasses are great for a party, but built for the slopes. The dark grey frames are made from polycarbonate for added durability, yet still lightweight for maximum comfort. The blue green lenses are polarized and impact resistant with glare reduction technology. The comfort and style of these sunglasses will make you want to never take them off. And nobody can make you, cause you’re a boss.

*Added bonus: Ready to shred all day and party all night


Breck sunglasses

The Breck sunglasses are some of the most sought out pair of shades. The wayfarer style, brown frames, and gold lenses make these a perfect pair of sunnies for every occasion. Snowboarders love these sunglasses for the glare reduction lenses, the scratch resistance, and the flexible thermoplastic memory frames for maximum comfort for long hours on the slopes. The frames are made from optimum impact resistant material, which might make these the only pair of sunnies you’ll ever need. Dress them up, dress them down, hit slopes or hit the streets; the versatility of these sunglasses make them the perfect pair of sunnies for whatever the sweet life has in store.

*Added bonus: Envy from all of your friends

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