BeeCause Honey Makes The World Go Round

Greetings Nectar Family,

We would like to proudly announce our new partnerships with the BeeCause Project and BeeThinking Foundation. Both of these organizations are Non-Profits and their goal is to promote awareness and education on the importance of bees and pollination. Unfortunately, there has been a recent decline in the population of bees and because of this natural pollination has also been steadily decreasing. Pesticides is one of the main deterrents that have been disturbing the natural process of bee pollination. “75% of the world’s flowering plant species need pollinator to reproduce”, but we have to protect our bees. Thankfully, the BeeCause Project offers a grant program that supplies an observational beehive colony that will ensure bee preservation and re-population. By teaming up with the BeeCause Project and BeeThinking Foundation we hope to achieve re-stabilization within the bee population. So now each time you make a purchase from Nectar Sunglasses a small contribution will also be given to the BeeThinking Foundation and BeeCause Project. Above all else you are helping save one of the most important rad creatures on the planet and we are thrilled to have your support. Be sure to take the time to give these guys a virtual high five and a “Like” on Social Media. Additional Information on the BeeCause Project can also be found in our “Cause” category on Nectar Sunglasses.

"Honey Is Good For The Soul".

The Bee Cause Project from Savannah Bee Company on Vimeo.


The Nectar Team

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