Taking Our Quality To The Next Level

Uncompromising- not admitting of compromise or adjustment of differences. Unyielding; an uncompromising attitude

At Nectar we are all about staying “True”. One of our other words that define and describe our brand is “Uncompromising”. Everyday we are working to enhance, innovate, and re-engineer our sunglasses. Like life, we know that it constantly changes and we bring that philosophy to our development process. We refuse to reach certain norms and standards, because that is not the risk-taker and freethinker mentality. Instead we are passionate about solidifying our sunglasses and making sure that they are more exclusive, valuable, and electrifying than ever before. This month we would like to proudly inform you about our Quality Upgrade to all of our sunglasses.  Our new lenses are constructed from Tri Acetate Cellulose: a new technology that provides superior visual clarity and scratch resistance while maintaining the lightweight and impact resistance. We are in the lab developing a proprietary material for our frames by the addition of nylon and/or acetate into our material. This will maintain a light weight to our frames but make them much much more durable!

We have extreme confidence in our sunglasses and offer a Lifetime of Sweetness Guarantee. If your pair breaks within thirty days for whatever reason we will replace them. Beyond thirty days we will send you a new pair for only 15 bucks with proof of purchase.

For your loyalty we want to give you 20% off your next order with code: NectarFam

The Roots Run Deep and the Vibes are Swell at Nectar. Thanks For Being A Part of the Family.

Stay Trill Trendsetters,

The Nectar Team

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