The current surfing world champ is a beekeeper

We are the aliens and we are here for the honey @nathan_florence @konaj_

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The 2017 Championship Tour of the World Surf League has officially kicked off at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast Australia. And surfing John John Florence will look to begin defending his very first world title.

John John took the world championship back to the Hawaiian Islands with utter domination in 2016. Having been in the surf spotlight since he was getting bombs at Pipeline before he even turned 10, 2016 was a longtime coming for John John.

Since John John has rounded out as being more than a surfer as he comes into his early 20s, he's taken up hobbies like sailing, flying planes, photography, and beekeeping. And here at Nectar Sunglasses, we're big fans of John John becoming a keeper of bees.

Worldwide bee populations have been declining for years now. In 2015 alone, a whopping 42% of U.S. bee colonies perished. Bees help pollinate one-third of our food supply, and a bee colony can populate 300 million flowers a day while accounting for an economic value of over $10 billion in the U.S.
Which is why Nectar is involved with helping #bringbackthebees. As you may know, Nectar Sunglasses has been a partner with The Bee Cause and Bee Thinking to help grow the bee population. Donating a portion of every order to TheBeeCause, we have helped nearly 200 observable bee hives in classes around the U.S. 

Bees are extremely important to humans, and it is an issue we are proud to be helping with. And by purchasing a pair of Nectars, you can help #savethebees. And if you want to get involved with your own hive of bees, we certainly recommend it—why not be like John John Florence? 

If interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping, head over to and they can get you educated and all set-up for raising your very own hives in your backyard like the 2016 men's world surfing champ John John Florence. And learn more about our initiative with The Bee Cause here.

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