Half-Pipe Skate Tricks

Spring is comin, so take that tarp off your half-pipe and get out there !

Skating a half-pipe is classic. It allows for elementary tricks, transitions, and combos. Dropping into half-pipes also helps you with graduating and dropping into pools or bowls. 

Half-pipe is proven to help snowboarders take their skills to the pavement as well as surfers who are trying to enhance their balance. 

Check out our boy Shaun White:

Based on the fun that most people have on half-pipes, it actually promotes motivation to build a half-pipe. Most people roll with building ones out of wood but with excellent sheets of skatelite or skateboarding approved surfaces. I still remember the one we had behind our college campus house, and that was the best break in between classes. I am sure other readers can relate to this. 

Beginner Tricks: 

Rock To Fakie- Every Beginner gots to have this.

Axell Stall- Get Up on The Lip.

Now Hit That FS Disaster if you Can for a 3 Piece Combo.




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