Support Your Local Food Truck

We encounter the phrase Support Your Local _____Blank_____ when we are in our cities, at our beaches, or in the mountains. When it comes down to it, we all support something local. It could be your local farmer's market, brewery, bar, surf shop, or music venue. Going the Local Path is always the right move, you can never go wrong. 

This post is a Public Service Announcement for supporting your local food truck because their food could possibly be better than your neighborhood bar and grill. 

There is a significant special difference between food trucks and restaurants. It is obvious, but it is the simplicity of being mobile compared to being stationary.  Food trucks have the ability to attend food truck rodeos, music festivals, and other social events that stationary restaurants can't reach. This in turn let's them gain new audiences. Another cool fact about food trucks is how they incorporate the fusion and combinations of different elements of food from around the world. If you have never been to a Latin-American Asian food truck, then you should plan a mission to find one. For starts, here is a reference guide to check out for food trucks in your state.

Virginia Beach, VA- Karnage Asada 

In Vb we are proud fans of Karnage Asada and their food is certainly a rare treat. One of the 757's best kept food secrets is this truck. It is recognized and rated by local publishing magazines. Two-Thumbs Up, Hands Down, Must-Go, Drop Mic and go get on this wave.

Asheville, NC- El Kimchi

Korean meets Mexican. Get ready to dive into torta's with bulgogi beef and kimchi quesadillas. El Kimchi will minus be referred to as the Head Huancho in Asheville for excellent food trucks. 

Charleston, South Carolina- Caribbean Creole

Guess word on the street in Charleston is that this is the hot food truck on the block. How could it not be ? Their menu is fyahhh mon! Holla if they are on your block.

So, what's your favorite food truck in your area ? 


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